A message from Mrs Brown

2nd March 2018
Due to the Amber weather warning in place in Northumberland and following advice from many agencies, school was closed from Wednesday 28th February to Friday 2nd March 2018. This is not a decision I, as Head Teacher, took lightly, but the safety of Shanklea pupils, staff and the wider community is my primary concern. We have all seen pictures of the problems caused by the heavy snowfall and, after taking advice from various agencies, I concluded that the risks were too great. We have endeavoured to give parents as much notice as possible via text, messages on the website and on the Northumberland County website and I would like to thank all staff who have worked hard to keep everyone informed. We expect school to reopen on Monday but please keep checking texts and our website as we will update you as soon as we can if anything changes. I would like to thank all parents and staff for your support and co-operation. I regret any inconvenience but am confident that you will agree with the reasons behind my decision. I will strive to keep everyone informed as soon as I can. Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.