A Reminder about Earrings and Hairstyles

5th October 2018
It is the policy of Shanklea Primary School to follow current Health
and Safety guidelines in physical education (see below). This means
that jewellery should not be worn in P.E. and earrings must be
removed for the lesson. Where piercings are still healing within the
advised 6 weeks period and a pupil is unable to remove their earrings,
then that pupil will not actively participate in the lesson in line with
these guidelines.
The Health and Safety Information Bulletin issued by the Education
Departmental Safety Co-ordinator has clarified the position with
regard to children wearing earrings for P.E., Games and Swimming.
“The current Code of Practice for Physical Education, Games, Sports
and Outdoor Education states:
that „watches, jewellery, rings and earrings, belts with metal buckles
and other unnecessary encumbrances likely to prove dangerous to
the wearer or to others should not be worn‟. This follows national
advice issued by the British Association of Advisers and Lecturers in
Physical Education (BAALPE).”
The Bulletin continues: “Schools have a duty to deliver the National
Curriculum to all pupils but also have a duty to safeguard pupils in
their care. Parents or children refusing to comply with these safety
requirements are themselves preventing the school from delivering
the National Curriculum.”
It follows that we can no longer allow children to wear jewellery,
including earrings during P.E., Games and swimming lessons as, if an
accident did occur, the School could be found liable.
It is not possible for parents to get around this rule by ‘granting
Teachers are not allowed to take out or replace children’s earrings if
they are unable to do so themselves and, although willing to look after
earrings during a lesson, cannot be held responsible for any losses.
Parents are encouraged to actively work with school in helping to
minimise disruption to the physical education curriculum. Parents can
help by ensuring that school guidance on jewellery is adhered to.
We would advise that if children are
having their ears pierced that they do
this at the beginning of the summer