Able Maths Day

12th October 2018
Talented mathematicians in Years 5 and 6 will also have
the opportunity to attend an Able Maths Day on
Wednesday 17th October 2018.
Pupils will experience a range of problem solving
approaches in primary maths whilst developing fluency with
the basic skills of multiplication, addition, subtraction and
division. The teaching will focus on problem solving,
fluency and mastery approaches whilst still developing the
pupils’ creativity and love for the subject.
A variety of engaging group and individual challenge
activities will develop a better understanding of
mathematical concepts, whilst at the same time developing
mathematical literacy and comprehension skills. Combined
with the beauty of geometry this engaging session will
leave pupils with a sense of achievement as well as a
better understanding of key mathematical concepts.
Problem solving challenges encompass stretch,
mathematical reasoning, perseverance, trial and error and
persistence. The ability to communicate mathematically
enhances problem solving abilities in group work. Literacy
is also a feature that is enhanced throughout the range of