Robinwood Activity Centre

17th April 2015

The Year 5 children had a stupendous time at Robinwood activity centre, involving themselves in lots of adventurous activities including: Archery, Canoeing, Caving, Climbing, Dungeon of Doom, Giant Swing, Nightline, Obstacle Course, Quest, Raft Building, Streamwalk, Team Challenge, Trapeze and Zipwire.

We all enjoyed going back and forth across the ‘piranha pool’, without falling in. This was easily the most talked about and eagerly anticipated session at Robinwood…. To achieve success the group had to demonstrate skills in planning, communicating, evaluating and problem solving. We also successfully ensured that the “piranhas”(?!) were unable to cause any injury should a child (or teacher) briefly join them in their pool!!!!

Thank you to the many staff, parents and pupils who made this trip such a great success. We hope parents will join us for a Robinwood Certificate assembly on Friday 1st May at 2pm.