12th February 2016
By late February 2016, the children will have the option to create a weblog, or blog for short, on our school website on which items will be posted on a regular basis. Some blogs will focus on particular themes, such as health and fitness while others will be like an online diary. A typical blog will combine text, images and links to other blogs or web pages.
A blog can be great for children. Teachers find that blogging can help pupils develop confidence, improve their self-expression and get a real sense of fulfilment from publishing their work. Here are some of the key things children can gain from blogging:
  • They help children to develop confidence
  • They improve their self-expression
  • Children get a real sense of fulfilment from publishing their work
  • They help children to forge multicultural links
  • Reading and writing skills can improve
  • Children become more independent and creative
  • Children can feel empowered by the knowledge that others know their views on a topic
‘A Blog of the Week’ will be re-introduced to the weekly Friday Achievement Assembly.