Christmas Fair

6th December 2019
A big thank you to everyone who supported our Christmas Fair on Friday 29th November 2019!
The evening was a great success, raising a fantastic £1074.04 which will be used to benefit children in
school. The children who volunteered to run the stalls did so with maturity and impressive application.
All the children contributed by making things for their stalls, sharing in the community approach to the
Enterprise Week - The Fiver Challenge, 2019.

We are so proud of the Years 1/2 and Years 5/6 children for putting on a fantastic Enterprise event and showcasing their
wonderful money-raising ideas at the Christmas Fair. They showed some excellent enterprise skills, fantastic teamwork and
had lots of very satisfied customers.
This was a fitting conclusion to a highly engaging and enjoyable project. It was so wonderful to see the children developing
entrepreneurial thinking and developing so many skills. Following the choir’s uplifting performance, all the prizes and
competitions were announced and then many of you helped in the clear up operation!
Lots of families came along and went home loaded with goodies! The children enjoyed taking part in the activity stalls, and
meeting our special guest; Father Christmas! We are so grateful to receive so many generous offers of time and skill and
makes us proud to be a part of this community.
My thanks go to our hardworking team of volunteers. School will be forever grateful to the loyal team that give up so much
time to lend a hand at one event after another. Such dedication and community spirit, it is truly inspiring!