Collection Arrangements

3rd November 2017
Our primary concern is to ensure all children at Shanklea feel HAPPY and SAFE with us. Collection arrangements are extremely important particularly as the dark nights draw in…. Just a quick reminder that children can only be collected by a parent unless we have been informed in writing that another person will be doing so. In the event of emergencies please call the school office. Children MUST be collected by a responsible adult. Young people under 16 will not be permitted to collect children unaccompanied. We ask for your co-operation and to work with us as we are working hard to safeguard your children. Shanklea Primary School discourages children to walk home unaccompanied in the winter months due to dark nights and we reserve the right to request collection by a responsible adult if we believe that it is in the best interest of the child’s safety and wellbeing. We would advise that during the dark nights and mornings and following extra-curricular clubs that children are accompanied by an adult to and from school. We thank you for your support.