Dance Academy

This year Cramlington SPS ran a G&T Dance Academy, led by Cheryl Day. Children from all the schools within the partnership were sent to a screening process, this was to ensure the right children were chosen.  The children participated in private sessions outside of school hours, once per week.

Children had to present varying different skills to be successful:


Body skilfulness and awareness


  • They must have a high degree of control and coordination of their bodies i.e. ability to hold a balance for 6-8 seconds?
  • Children must perform movements with good extension in the arms/legs and toes showing an increased level of body tension.
  • Children must perform movements with a high level of flexibility around the joint, which could be developed further with training?
  • Children must combine movements fluently, precisely, accurately and consistently dance to the beat of the music.

Attitude and approach


  • Children must show a high degree of motivation and commitment within their dance practice.

Effective performance


  • Children must be intelligent, independent, thoughtful performers and choreographers who develop creative ideas which show originality.
  • Children must show initiative and independence in consistently rehearsing and performing their dance movements.
  • Children must show leadership skills i.e. taking charge of a group dance, becoming the choreographer, inputting a range of choreographic ideas.

Meet Shanklea’s 3 talented Dance Academy girls. They showed excellent skill and coordination to combine a range of movements fluently, precisely and accurately following the beat of music.