Dangers with ‘Fortnite’

21st December 2018
It seems every day we are warned about issues to do
with internet safety and where possible we try to pass
messages to parents and carers in order that you can act
to keep your children safe online.
The game 'Fortnite' continues to be a major draw for
young people and despite it being rated as a game not
suitable for under 12s, we are aware that many primary
school children play Fortnite regularly. This game has
been the cause of one or two issues between some of
our pupils and I would urge parents to carefully monitor
your child's computer usage carefully if they do play this
game, given some recent coverage of some unsavoury
elements that appear to be creeping into it.
The following link to a recent Daily Telegraph article
highlights a particularly worrying trend involving
undressing as part of the game; it also highlights the
possible dangers of text chats within the game