A Big Thankyou!

19th December 2013

The Autumn term has been a huge success, particularly securing the overall effectiveness ‘good’ judgement from Ofsted;   We need to fully recognise the overwhelming support that we receive from governors, parents and volunteers. The school has a variety of adults working on the premises at any one time:   supporting individual pupils; hearing pupils read; helping with classroom and school organisation; helping with the supervision of children on school trips and sporting activities; helping with group work; helping with art or subjects involving other practical activities and fundraising.

A specific mention is required for the following individuals:

 Mr Allan, Mrs Avery, Mrs Blackett, Mrs Bowman, Mr and Mrs Bowart, Mr and Mrs Bowmaker , Mrs Black, Mrs Browne, Mrs Bruce, Mr and Mrs Carr, Mrs Carver, Mrs Collinson, Mrs Coyne, Mr and Mrs Craik, Mrs Cummings, Miss Dixon, Miss Donnelly, Mrs Egdell, Miss Earnshaw, Miss Elliott, Mrs Elwell, Mrs Fenwick-Dunn, Mrs Hall, Mr and Mrs Halsall, Mrs Hedley, Mrs Hepplewhite,  Mr Hodson, Mrs Hume, Mrs Laughton, Miss Kennington, Mrs Kitchen, Mr and Mrs Maddison, Mr and Mrs Matthews, Mrs Mc Clurry, Mrs Mc Connell, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Middleton, Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Notley, Mrs Patterson, Mrs Pearl, Mr Pearson, Mrs Ralph-Neil, Mr and Mrs Reid, Mrs Ricalton, Mrs Ridley, Miss Robson, Mrs Rutherford, Mr and Mrs Saward, Mr and Mrs Shires, Mrs Trood, Mrs Turnbull, Mrs Waters, Miss Watson, Mrs Willoughby, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Wright.

The difference you make to the children’s school lives is enormously appreciated.