E-Safety Workshops

24th March 2017
At Shanklea Primary School, we strive to ensure the happiness and safety of all our children and this includes on the internet. A lot of our pupils engage with technology in a wide variety of ways. As well as using the internet for education, they also play games, socialise and invest a lot personally in the social and ever-changing place that is the online world. Do you know the best ways to keep them safe online, or do they know their way around technology better than you? Your child is likely to use technology in school and at home. In school we endeavour to provide the skills to navigate the online world and safety is a very important part of that. In order to help parents understand ways in which they can provide the same support at home, we will be running two Internet Safety parents’ sessions at school on Thursday 30th March at 2:45pm and 3:30pm. Each session will last approximately 30 minutes session and will be run by Mr John Devlin, E-Safety Consultant. Please complete and return your forms as soon as possible to reserve your place.