Extra Curricular Clubs

7th June 2019
We place great value on the extra-curricular opportunities that children have at our school. There are countless examples in the life of Shanklea children who have attended a club, discovered that they have a talent in that activity, and then gone on to pursue that in later life, or even as their career. Clubs are a chance for children to try out a new activity, enjoy it, and socialise with others while doing so.
We are very open to holding new clubs and we welcome any parents with particular skills or interests who would like to volunteer to lead a club. If you have something you would like to offer, please contact the school office. Teacher-led clubs are free of charge. However, clubs run by individuals or external organisations may incur a cost.
Please ensure your child is collected promptly after the session ends. If you have given permission for your older child to walk home, please inform the club leader and/or the school office in writing. Rest assured that all club leaders have undertaken a DBS check.
Please note that there is great demand for many of our clubs and, sadly, sometimes children are disappointed to find there are no spaces left. It is therefore extremely important that children are sure they wish to take part in the club when they book their place. It is also important that children to learn to commit and not give up when things are more challenging or the novelty wears off. Please encourage your child to complete all sessions.
Thank you for your support.