Fancy Feet & Whirly Wheels

Fancy Feet and Whirly Wheels is replacing the WOW competition.


Schools Go Smarter has an exciting new schools challenge to encourage your pupils to travel actively and compete against other schools across the North.


The Fancy Feet Whirly Wheels challenge will run for one month throughout November and then again next March 2017. We may wish to take part in one month or two, the choice is yours.


The challenge encourages your pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to school for one month in order to achieve points and for your school to have a chance of winning one fabulous prize worth £1000.


We want the challenge to be all inclusive, so if any children do have to come by car, they can park and stride; and there will also be points for those who do a lap of the playing field or yard, if the weather is inclement.


The prize, worth £1000, will be provided by either:


Dance City, the National Dance Agency for the North East




3Sixty, the daredevil bicycle stunt team .


Again, the choice will be yours. We will give the winning school a menu of activities that they can choose from, to the value of £1000.


All teachers need to do is record how their children travelled to school once a week during the challenge month. Your school administrator may then upload all of the activity onto the challenge website, where you will be able to compare how your school is doing against other schools in the region. The data can also be downloaded and used by teachers for curriculum-based projects.


And there you have it, your chance to win a great prize as well as the fact that the children have been encouraged to think about making their journeys in an active, sustainable way.


As a way of a thank you to the children, we will also provide each school with a batch of Fancy Feet Whirly Wheel stickers that they can stick to their jumpers or school bags.