Fancy Feet Challenge

17th February 2017
Shanklea will be taking part in a new challenge with Schools Go Smarter to encourage children to travel actively to school (walking, cycling and scooting) – to help keep them fit and healthy (and compete with other schools.)
Schools Go Smarter is a programme of activity which encourages pupils and parents across Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Durham, to travel sustainably on their journeys to school each day. Throughout the Fancy Feet Whirly Wheels Challenge, by travelling actively to school at least once a week, each child will earn points.
As well as the children keeping active and having fun, our school will get the chance to win one of three fabulous prizes, with the first prize worth £1000. The Challenge is totally inclusive, so even if your child has to come to school by car, they can still gain points if they Park and Stride. The Fancy Feet Whirly Wheels Challenge will run for four weeks from Monday 27th February 2017.