Policy on Dogs on School Grounds

15th February 2019

Governors and staff recognise that dogs
are an important part of life for many of
our families and, as such, are often
included in day-to-day activities such as
walking children to and from school. In
our teaching we promote the relationship
between people and their pets and accept and
encourage the idea of pets as ‘family members’. We
do see pet ownership as a valuable educational
experience for children.
However, we have also received feedback from other
parents and carers, indicating that many are finding
the presence of dogs around the school perimeter
stressful, even frightening, particularly for younger
We are concerned that even well-behaved dogs can
behave unpredictably when placed in busy, noisy and
crowded school environments and that this can lead to
dogs snapping at each other. Children can also
behave unpredictably when in the presence of dogs or
when in contact with dogs and this can potentially lead
to a child being bitten.
Governors kindly request that dogs are not tied up and
left unattended at the school gates and recommend
that all parents teach their children how to behave
around dogs. There is lots of advice in school and we
have run many workshops within recent years.
There are lots of useful videos and information sheets
online. You may wish to have a look at: https://