Flu Immunisations - Reception to Year 5

14th September 2018
Children in Reception and Years 1 to 5 have brought home letters
and leaflets this week with details about this year’s national
Influenza Immunisation Programme.
Please read these carefully and return the form to school by
10am on Wednesday 19th September 2018.
It is important to return forms promptly as they are collected by
NHS staff and your child may not receive the immunisation if the
form is not collected. There is only one opportunity to have the
vaccine in school and GPs won’t be able to give it separately
unless your child is in a clinical risk group. Please read the letter
carefully to check your child should have the vaccination.
The vaccination is needle-free and is given as a nasal spray up
each nostril. It is totally painless, very quick and nothing at all for
your child to worry about.
The vaccination will be given in school during the morning of
Tuesday 11th December 2018