Homework Expectations:


In Key Stage 1 & 2 we will be setting the following homework tasks:


Subject Examples of Possible Activities
Spellings/ Phonics/ Handwriting Spelling Words
Dictionary Definitions
Reading & Writing Tasks
‘My Maths’ and VLE 360  Online In addition, children can practise the following:
Times tables
Learning number bonds
Consolidating work taught in class
Explaining various methods
Learning division facts related to times tables
Daily reading Hearing your child read aloud.
Asking questions about the text
Modelling good reading to your child.
Reading books with your child in their home language/s
Topic Research Topic: internet, library
Make a book/leaflet
Extended writing tasks
Suggested visit
Map work


At Shanklea Primary School, we believe that homework should complement and consolidate what your child has been learning in the classroom. Therefore, the work set is based on what your child has been learning in class and will be explained to your child prior to it being sent home. If you or your child has any further questions, the class teacher will be happy to answer any questions or offer support BEFORE the deadline.


Parents/carers and pupils will ensure:


  • Homework is completed weekly; including the online ‘My Maths’ activities and ‘VLE 360’.
  • Spellings are practised for a few minutes each day.
  • The teacher is informed in advance if their child is unable to complete the online activities.
  • Homework books are handed in every Monday.
  • Homework books are treated with respect – they are school work books and should be treated as such. Graffiti is not acceptable.
  • Children should take pride in their homework and complete it to the best of their ability
  • All homework should be neatly presented, and whenever possible joined handwriting.
  • Whenever possible an adult will supervise homework, check that it is being completed and make a comment on it when it is finished.
  • Children should write in black pen (KS2) or pencil (KS1) - NOT felt tip pens or colouring pencils. Drawings should be completed in pencil.
  • Whenever possible an adult will supervise homework, check that it is being completed and make a comment on it when it is finished.

Teachers will ensure:


  • Homework is sent home every week and ‘My Maths’ or ‘School 360’ activities are available online.
  • All children know their username and password for ‘My Maths’ or ‘School 360’ online.
  • Children without access to a computer at home attend the lunchtime club in order to complete the activities.
  • All homework completed and handed in on time (every Monday) will be marked, in line with the school’s marking policy, and a comment made where appropriate.
  • Children are praised when they have completed tasks to the best of their abilities.
  • Each week a child will be recognised and rewarded for particular effort in their work during achievement assembly.
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