International Dimension

International Dimension Statement of Intent

At Shanklea Primary School it is recognised that global issues are an increasingly important part of our pupils’ lives.  In a world of interdependent economies, widening access to other cultures through travel and the internet it is important that pupils understand the context in which they live and prepare for adult life.

There is a strong international dimension within the curriculum at Shanklea. We aim to raise pupils’ aspirations and equip them to take their place as global citizens. All students at Shanklea are encouraged to be aware of others and the global idea that Every Child Matters everywhere.

At Shanklea we celebrate a variety of events which encourage and support the school’s international dimension such as  Fair Trade Fortnight, Global enrichment weeks, National Sports Week, World Book Day, European Day of Languages and Chinese new year, to name but a few.

We also have set up links with Schools on a Global scale.  We have completed Quad blogs with schools in Europe, have set up and worked on projects with our friends in Lithuania, completed a postcard exchange and link with past pupils who have moved to Italy.

With all of these achievements we have just been reaccredited the prestigious Full International School Award.

Aims of the international dimension:

  • To provide pupils with an informed awareness of a range of different cultures and countries
  • To promote understanding of the diverse nature of local and national communities in the UK, and encourage students to respect and celebrate this diversity.
  • To enhance the curriculum through active links with pupils and staff in schools in other parts of the UK and the world.
  • To encourage pupils to participate as active citizens both in school and in their lives outside and beyond school.