Internet Safety

21st July 2017
Over the summer, the Internet can be welcome company for many children, parents and carers. Holidays can be a great time to catch up with friends online and download the latest apps and games. However, we all need to be vigilant to ensure our children are protected from online dangers.
Please take the lead and make time to talk to your child about their life online and remind them of safer ways to behave:
 Review privacy settings and Friend Lists.
 Talk to your child about safe sharing and model safer behaviour online yourself  Pay attention to what is being shared online and with whom
 Encourage your child to share their online experiences with you especially any concerns they have
Making connections in our virtual, online lives should be fun but must be safe. Staying connected in the real world is essential to help ensure healthy minds, healthy relationships and healthy lives with real life friends and family… so why not try relieving boredom by getting out and about and leaving devices at home.