Key Stage 2 Virtual Author Visit

2nd July 2021
On Thursday 8th July, our Key Stage 2 children will have the opportunity to meet virtually Dominique Valente, the author of the Starfell - Willow Moss series of books. Dominique is a lover of grumpy monsters, quirky dragons, magic and mad things, gardens that whisper and houses that breathe. She has one arm and her disability partly inspired the world of Starfell. In many ways, magic and the way magical people in her fictional world are treated is a metaphor for her experience growing up with a difference, with Willow and her friend’s journeys an echo of her own journey towards self-love and acceptance. The children will have the option to purchase signed copies of a selection of her books at reduced prices. These are shown at the end of this newsletter. Books may be ordered and paid for on the School Gateway. The closing date for these orders is Friday 9th July to allow us to submit orders before the end of term. We’re sorry we cannot guarantee they will be delivered before the end of term.
We are really looking forward to this event, which promises to be an exciting and inspiring day!