Key Stage 2 Parent/Carer Workshops

8th November 2019
Over the next two weeks parents and carers of children in
Years 3, 4 and 5 are invited to attend Curriculum workshops
Year 3: Wednesday 13th November, 2.15pm
Year 4/5: Wednesday 20th November, 2.15 pm
We have been holding a series of workshops for each year
group looking at the different areas of English and Maths our
children will be learning at school. The workshops focus on
how you can support your child with their learning
development through everyday life, games and activities, as
well as enabling you to answer any questions your child may
ask and be able to recognise any misconceptions he/she may
make or have. We hope you will come along to find out more
about how English and Maths are taught within Shanklea and
get some ideas on how to support children with their learning
at home.