‘Live Kitchen’ Launch

15th September 2017
This week has seen the successful launch of Shanklea’s Live Kitchen. Parents are now able to pre-select meals with their children if they wish, oversee their children’s meal selections and manage their account online. The system has many benefits including:
 Cashless payment options and a Direct Debit cash collection option
 Reduced administration: maintenance of account histories and payment reminders by email
 Children always get the meal of their choice without delays
 Allergen control: parents can update allergen information for their child.
The system will then prevent selection of any menu choice which could cause problems
 Controls food costs - waste is minimised as numbers are known in advance
 Parents can log in from home to view the menu, check their account and pre-order meals
 Lunchtimes are faster and more organised
 Optional menu costing and nutritional analysis
It is our hope that the popularity of our school meals service can be further increased by improving all aspects of the offer - the quality of the food, the meal price, the customer service, and convenience for parents. We would welcome your comments.