Local Elections

5th May 2017
The governors and I would like to apologise for the disruption for parents and pupils as our school became a polling station this week. This year, as happens often, election day has fallen on the week of a Bank Holiday. As a result, the school was closed on the Monday, reopened on Tuesday and Wednesday, closed on Thursday for the election and reopened on the Friday.
Clearly this is not ideal as it is very disruptive for the pupils and it makes it harder for teachers to ensure continuity for lessons for the week ensuring that they flow well together. Plus, it’s just before the Year 6’s SATs tests which disrupts pupils at an inopportune time. However, when selecting polling stations, returning officers have to choose venues that offer disabled access and are central to the ward areas they cover so that voters don’t have far to go to cast their votes.
Regretfully, we cannot refuse to allow school to be used as a polling station. A big thank you to all the pupils, parents and staff who have worked together to minimise disruption to the children’s learning.