Make £5 Grow

What is Make £5 Grow?


Make £5 Grow is a fun and engaging enterprise initiative designed to help draw out those important entrepreneurial skills in primary school pupils.


Virgin Money’s staff volunteers build relationships with schools in their local area by helping pupils set up mini-businesses to try to make a profit. To help make this possible, the bank provides a loan of £5 for every pupil taking part, up to a maximum of £250 for 50 pupils.


Pupils use this money to create products or services they can sell. They are encouraged to think carefully about their target audience, product costing, pricing and marketing. And in the process, they develop their business skills and financial understanding. In addition, schools keep any profit made after the original loan has been paid back – a great reward for pupils' enterprise and hard work.


Our teachers who have been involved have found the programme to be flexible, having used it alongside the National Curriculum in core subjects including English and maths, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE), citizenship, design technology and art and design.


Previous participants have set up thriving companies selling calendars, bags and healthy lunchables  to name a few. Some of these businesses are still running and continue to make a profit for their school.