Modeshift STARS

Shanklea Primary School has excelled with promoting sustainable travel and achieved a noticeable reduction in car use on the journey to school by fully embracing sustainable travel as the norm throughout the entire school community.


The Modeshift STARS lifecycle:


Modeshift STARS is a continuous process of planning, doing and reviewing. The beauty of the scheme is that you can gain a nationally recognised award for recording and evidencing the activities that you are already delivering in your school.


Other benefits?


A national standard School Travel Plan - on submitting an application to Modeshift STARS, the system has generated a new School Travel Plan for you which will deliver significant time and costs savings.


Involving pupils – the scheme has various resources and toolkits that have been designed to ensure that your pupils can get involved in helping the school to achieve Modeshift STARS.


Changing travel behaviour – STARS will provide you with the tools to reduce car use and increase the number of children walking, cycling and using public transport on the journey to and from school. This means a cleaner, safer, greener and healthier environments around your school.


Accessing funding – delivering STARS will help you to identify infrastructure improvements that are required around your school therefore helping you to build a case to access the funding that is available.


Accessing additional services - you can use the system to identify what services are available from your local authority.


Shanklea Primary School  has also entered the National STARS School Travel Awards.


Each year, the best schools in the country will be recognised for their efforts through the National STARS School Travel Awards. In the autumn term, those schools that have achieved the Gold level of STARS will be put forward by their local authorities to be considered for the Regional and National Awards.