Modeshift Travel Survey

17th November 2017
We have worked very hard to take part in and promote a number of transport initiatives, to encourage children to get to school in healthier ways. So far this term we have delivered an assembly promoting safe travel now the clocks have gone back, called ‘Be Bright Be Seen’. We have also completed a survey of how pupils currently travel to school and how they would prefer to travel. We are amazed with the results of the survey which show that most of us travel to school in an eco-friendly way. There is a very positive trend away from car usage which is very encouraging. Well done, everyone. We would like you to think about whether you could park and stride if you live too far away to walk all the way. Alternatively, the survey says that lots of children would like to cycle or scooter to school so we will be promoting this too. Lexi Short, Travel Ambassador would like to run a competition next week – to design an eco-friendly vehicle. She will provide details in the Achievement Assembly for the children who will be challenged to use their imagination and invention skills.