Musical Theatre

At Shanklea we have links with other schools and arts agencies that regularly lead to the younger and older children giving performances at local theatres and The Sage, and the Theatre Royal, Newcastle.  The school now runs this weekly Musical Theatre Group as some of our teachers participate own live theatre either acting or performing musically. There are many opportunities to display the children’s dramatic talents, be they in acting, directing, dance, prop making, singing, writing, physical theatre or producing. 

A range of different themes exploring specific disciplines is provided each term to enrich pupil’s experience of the arts and ensure they have a broad knowledge of this subject.

The Drama Club runs at lunchtimes or after school on Mondays. The pupils use the stage and classroom space, and benefit from extra coaching, at lunchtimes and after school.  Usually this is to support a project that pupils are working on during class time. The purpose of the club is to develop involvement, confidence and performing skills.  The Club culminates in a performance, or two, during the final week of each term.

Shanklea often  puts on fabulous end of year productions, which require a great deal of dedication and commitment from the children, who meet to rehearse.