OOSC Important Charging Information

15th December 2017
We are delighted that the launch of our Shanklea Breakfast Club has gone so well. It is wonderful to see so many parents taking advantage of the opportunity to bring their children into school earlier and to see so many children being able to start their school day eating a nourishing breakfast and enjoying activities in the company of friends. As more and more children attend the club, staffing ratios must be maintained and additional resources provided. As a result, it has become apparent that in order to keep the club viable in the long term we need to make a small increase in our charges. We must now increase our charge from the introductory special offer of £1.25 per child to a new price of £1.75 per child. We believe this represents excellent value for money, providing parents with the reassurance that their child is happy and safe, ready to start their school day. The new price for Breakfast Club will be effective from the start of the term beginning January 2018. Bookings may be made on School gateway or by form from next week. Thank you again to our magnificent OOSC staff and to all the parents who continue to support our fabulous Breakfast and Out of School Clubs.