Ordering School Dinners

22nd November 2019
Our catering team provide a fantastic selection of top
quality, hot meals every day. Many of our parents and
carers take the opportunity to pre-order their child’s
meal at home. Others allow their child to choose each
morning in the classroom. This system lets the catering
team know how many of each menu option to make,
minimizing wastage whilst ensuring everyone gets what
they have ordered
Can families please take time to discuss the chosen
options with their child as increasing numbers of
children are complaining they do not like the option that
has been ordered for them. Whilst we try our best to
accommodate everyone it is not possible to allow lots of
children to “change their minds” without impacting on
other children. We will therefore offer an alternative of
soup and a sandwich for any child who really does not
like their order.
We strongly recommend discussing choices with
your child and pre-ordering on School Grid to avoid
disappointment. Thank you.