Reminder: Y1 Phonics Screening Test

8th June 2018
If your child is in Year 1 they will take a statutory, national test,
known as the “Phonics Screening Check” in Phonics this year.
They will be tested, in school, by members of staff who they
know well. This will take around 10 minutes per child and will
be done in the most pleasant, fun way possible by our
experienced staff team! It is not school’s choice to do this test,
it is a National expectation and must be done by all schools in
the UK. The tests will be carried out in the week beginning
Monday 11th June 2018, and into the following week. Regular
attendance is always good, but please ensure your child is in
school next week so they can take the test alongside their
classmates in a calm and familiar atmosphere.
If your child is in Year 2 and needs to re-sit the ‘Phonics
Screening Check’:
If you have been notified that your Y2 child needs to repeat the
Phonics Screening, they too will be taking the test again next
week. This will be done in exactly the same way as the Y1 test
so good attendance in these weeks is needed.
If you are unsure as to whether your child will be resitting the
test, please discuss this with their class teachers, Mrs
Crowther and Mrs Downes.