Safeguarding Rules and School Performances

30th November 2018
We have been advised that even stricter data
protection and safeguarding guidelines do not permit
videoing or photographing of school productions
without the express, written permission of all parents
and carers.
Clearly, parents are entitled to film their own child if
other children are not present but, as a school, we are
obliged to prevent unauthorised filming of other
children. In particular we have to ensure we do
everything we can to prevent images of children
appearing on social media without parental
We believe it is important for families to share special
occasions and do not charge for school performances.
We appreciate that photographs help save memories
of these special events and need to find a way to
achieve this without compromising on safeguarding.
We therefore plan to take photographs of dress
rehearsals and will provide photos (either printed or
emailed in PDF format) to families individually. There
will be a small charge to cover our costs in providing
this service. We will provide more information shortly.
We hope this compromise will allow parents and
children to keep these special memories and everyone
can settle back and enjoy the spectacular
performances now in production. Thank you for your