Safety around Shanklea

17th February 2017
Parents are reminded that the roads around Shanklea (including Ringwood Drive and tributary roads across the cycle path) all have a 20mph speed limit.
We continue to receive complaints from local residents about inconsiderate parking (such as blocking pavements and drives) and dangerous driving (such as too fast near children). Can all parents and carers PLEASE drive slowly and park with consideration for others in our community.
There have also been some near misses with cycles on the cycle path near to school. Our School Council have written to the learning Village to ask their students to cycle a little more slowly and carefully near our school, particularly around young children. We have also been asked to remind everyone that it may be safer for pedestrians to keep to the footpaths and cyclists to the cycle paths.
Finally, can we remind everyone that whilst the road in front of school is generally quiet it IS still a road. We discourage movement of vehicles from the car park at pupil drop off and collection times but this does occasionally occur. PLEASE stay near small children at all times. Thank you.