Safety to and from school

6th September 2019
Members of the Shanklea School Team
will be on the playground each morning
to supervise the morning handover and
accept any messages for teaching staff.
Alternatively, parents can pass on messages by
phone, email, text or by calling in to the office.
If you need a more in-depth discussion with your
child’s teacher please contact our school office team.
The Head Teacher will be standing at the school
gates every morning, to welcome children and
families as well as to monitor who is entering the
school grounds and ensuring children do not leave
the site unattended.
Please remember all children from Reception to
Year 4 must be accompanied to and collected
from school by an adult - not a school aged older
brother or sister.
Children in Years 5 and 6 may walk home
unaccompanied if we receive written instructions to
that effect from their parent or carer. However, once
the dark winter months arrive, for safeguarding
reasons, all children must be collected by a
responsible adult. Those parents that drive are
encouraged to park at the Masonic Hall Car Park and
either walk the 2 minute journey to school or use the
school ‘Walking Bus’. This will ease parking problems
and make it safer around our school. Please do not
park on the zig zags or even drop off outside our
school as this is highly dangerous.
Please also remember that parking restrictions are in
effect around our school. Local police have asked us
to send a letter from them to all parents to remind us
all of our responsibilities. A copy is attached to this
newsletter and has been emailed to parents. Traffic
Enforcement Officers patrol the area and will issue
fines. We urge all of the school community to
show consideration for local
residents. Please do not block
residents’ drives or cause any
obstructions that would
inconvenience others. Thank you
for your co-operation