School Council

Aims for Shanklea School Council

  • To encourage positive relationships between adults and pupils, and also amongst pupils themselves.
  • To give pupils a “voice” in the school.
  • To provide pupils with the opportunity to be good and active citizens.
  • To give pupils the chance to take responsibility.


The School Council aim to meet once a fortnight and discuss a range of possible and practical improvements in the classroom, the playground and the school in general.  Issues and concerns raised by pupils through their School Council Reps are discussed, developed and prioritised before being passed on to the Head and the Senior Management Team.  Some of the issues raised currently are listed below.

Ideas currently being discussed:

  •          Removing spiky bushes at the side of the yard.
  •          Extending the yard with more tarmac.
  •          Removing old wooden furniture.
  •          Providing more high quality plastic seating.
  •          Providing football as a lunchtime activity in the summer
  •          More basketball hoops at various heights.
  •          Giant draughts or chess.
  •          Giant Snakes and Ladders.
  •          Giant Connect 4.
  •          More seating in the shade for the summer.
  •          New path for the walk-through wildlife area.
  •          Tree trunk seats.
  •          Another food collection for Harvest

Previous projects and achievements.

  •          Running charity events such as selling buns for Comic Relief, Sports Relief and Jeans for                Genes.
  •          Post cards from the Head Teacher to inform parents of pupil achievements.
  •          Working with Dr Bike to look at road safety.
  •          Working with Dr Bike to decorate the bike stands and encourage people to cycle to school.
  •          Collecting the Big Pedal data.
  •          Establishing a water dispenser in the hall.
  •          Organising a Harvest Festival food collection for a local food bank.
  •          Providing a path through the school nature area.
  •          Establishing outside lighting for the OSC.
  •          Improving the safety on the yard by having thorny hedge cuttings removed 
  •          Collect charity money on non-uniform days.
  •          Attending the Student Voice Conferences at Cramlington Learning Village.
  •          Establishing the need for outdoor play equipment.
  •          Establishing the need for improved outdoor seating.
  •          Establishing zones for playing in on the school field.
  •          Have the toilets deep cleaned, repaired and improved.
  •          Working with the PTFA to look at how funds could be spent.
  •          Year 6 Council Reps coordinate and count the school Castle Points.
  •          Bulb planting around school to improve the environment.