Shanklea Facebook Page

1st February 2019

In a further effort to promote a positive school community and
in keeping with the Technology theme of Safer Internet, we
are proud to announce the launch of our Shanklea Primary
School Facebook page.
We have attached the Code of Conduct relating to our page
to this newsletter, which is reflected in the guidelines.
Our Facebook page is intended to promote a sense of
community and will be used to provide families with
information about events and activities and positive
achievements within our school.
The page will not replace regular communication modes
(such as the newsletter, text messages, letters and the
School Gateway), rather, it will communicate through social
media many of the interesting, exciting, fun and terrific
learning of our students, giving you the chance to interact
with “likes” and comments.
Please familiarise yourself with the attached code and note
that we will not be posting reminders, nor addressing
questions and concerns, through Facebook.
Please search for Shanklea Primary School on Facebook, to
access our new page.