Shanklea needs you!

11th January 2019
Calling all parents, grandparents, friends and


Our recent Ofsted inspection recognised that Shanklea is a welcoming,
inclusive and happy place which has maintained a good quality of
education and children continue to make progress throughout the school.
With your help we can continue to make a difference and be even better.
Parents, grandparents and the wider community can make a huge contribution
to schools, not just financially, but in their goodwill and the time they are willing
to commit to help build our school community. Times are tough, and increasing
numbers of people are preferring to find other ways to help others. One
particularly useful way to help our school is to volunteer your time.
Our PTFA, Friends of Shanklea Primary School, are a fantastic group of
parents, staff and friends who aim to make our school as great as it can be by
generating funds to provide even more facilities and equipment and financial
support to enable children to take part in challenges and fun, educational new
experiences. They organise fundraising events and fun activities (including our
amazingly popular discos) for the children. Their help is invaluable and greatly
With more support from volunteers we could raise more money help your child
have an even better school experience and enrich their education too.
Our PTFA is about so much more than just fundraising. The ‘Friends’ exist to
provide closer links between home and school, and, it is also an excellent way
to bring together staff, parents, friends and neighbours in support of the school.
Being a volunteer can be a hugely rewarding experience.
Friends of Shanklea is not limited to a committee. The committee serves to be a
driver but everyone can and should be involved. We understand time is
precious so any help is greatly appreciated.
You can help us in lots of ways. For example, we would welcome:
Class representatives:The ideal scenario would be to have at least one
representative (parent/carer/grandparent) from each
class in order to encourage participation from every
class in future events.

Helpers: People who would like to help in organising and running
events. Helping at every event is not obligatory and is
not required for every event. By joining the ‘helpers’ list
you will receive emails asking for help for various

In the loop: People who cannot commit to an event or regular
events but still want to receive updates and come to
events to help in some capacity.

Shanklea Primary School aims to find an opportunity that best fits your comfort,
abilities, and interests to create a positive and productive volunteering
Please let us know if you are able to help. You can text, email, drop us a note or
just pop in to the office. Thank you in advance!