7th July 2017
I am very pleased to be able to tell you that we have achieved our best ever results for the fifth year in a row!
I am sure you have seen in the national press that the expectations of the new national curriculum are much higher and that the national tests have become much harder. This is reflected in the fact that the national averages are lower than in previous years.
However, I am delighted to say that as a result of a great deal of exceptionally hard work from pupils and staff, we have once again ‘bucked the trend’ and achieved results which are well above the national average across the school age range
Reception EYFS Profile
Year 1 Phonic Screening
Year 2 SATs
End of Year 6 SATs
Our Year 6 children undertook the more challenging, 2017 KS2 SATs and showed us all what a talented and dedicated group they are. (We already knew that though). Are they Secondary ready? Absolutely! Well done year 6 - soon to be year 7. We are so proud of you all. Best results ever!
We continue to be committed to ensuring children receive an excellent education at Shanklea Primary School and helping them to achieve their full potential. I am delighted that our children have done so well. They should all be very proud of themselves.