Shanklea Ski Superstars

4th March 2016
We made it!!
What a week—Shanklea Skiers survived 7 full days on our week’s residential in Voss, Norway. We enjoyed hostel life improving our own independence, making our own lunches, developing our ski skills and friendships. We skied for 5 days and went on a day trip to Bergen to rest our legs. We learnt the basics of skiing on the nursery slopes progressing onto blue slopes. This gave children the opportunity to learn a completely new skill, in a new environment and in a different culture.
Children took part in various evening activities: Voss winter games which involved tug of war and many games which involve working with others to succeed; swimming and hot tubs, quiz, movie night and, our favourite activity, indoor sky diving. The children went into a wind tunnel to experience weightlessness and learning to fly. This was quite a scary activity initially but, of course, Shanklea children triumphed and loved it!
If you haven’t already done so see some of our snap shot highlights on our website and the Shanklea Primary School twitter.
This was Shanklea’s first overseas trip and it was an outstanding success. It was a truly unforgettable experience and many of our children have the ski bug now! Stay tuned for further details for next year’s amazing trip details.
Many thanks to Miss Martin, Mrs McConnell, Mrs Greenwood and Mr Purvis for encouraging our pupils to become responsible and safe skiers whilst having tonnes of fun!
We invite the parents/carers of all the children who’s children attended this trip to an award assembly on Friday 11th March 2016 at 2:30pm to share in our memories and their children’s success.