Athletics Quad Kids - Year 5 & 6

We did the 75 m sprint, 600 m long run, throwing and the long jump. We also did the relay at the end, for fun (which we won). It was good because we got to participate in exercise and fun activities. We really enjoyed the sprint the best. We learned to work together to achieve more and we communicated very well. We also did a lot of hard work during every activity. Overall we came first, but the afternoon team beat us on points. 

- Amelia & Jordan


We went to an Athletics tournament at Northburn where we competed against other schools for the first place and to go on to represent our area at the school games. Shanklea won but another school beat us in the afternoon based on points.

I think Shanklea enjoyed it the most it was fantastic we loved all of the activities and we are so grateful to have this opportunity, we may not be going to the finals but we loved in anyway.

We learnt how to work as part of a team and be competitive but be fair and be proud of ourselves for even taking part,  to cheer on others if there not in your team and to clap for others who might not be as confident. Most of all do your best!

- Alivia & Olivia


We took part in a competition at Northburn. We did the long run (600m), sprint (75m), throw and the long jump. We also took part in a fun relay at the end, which we won!

It was a really good event and everyone who took part enjoyed it. We developed and learnt techniques from the sports leaders of running and jumping styles. 

- Adam & Jonny