Skiing 2016

We made it!!

What a week Shanklea Skiers survived 7 full days on our weeks residential in Voss, Norway. We enjoyed hostel life improving our own independence, making our own lunch. We skied for 5 days and then went on a day trip to Bergen to rest our legs for a day. We learnt the basics of skiing progressing onto blue slopes. This provided children with the opportunity to learn a completely new skill, in a new environment and in a different culture.

The children took part in various different evening activities. The Voss winter games, swimming with the hot tub, quiz and a movie night. Our favourite activity was the indoor sky diving in a wind tunnel where we learnt the basics of flying. At first this was a scary and adrenaline raising activity however, by the end we all loved it and wanted to do it again and again!

This was such a memorable and unforgettable experience for the 13 children and staff.