Social Media

25th January 2019
Social media offers may opportunities to stay in touch and we are aware that some parents have closed groups linked to year groups. These can be really helpful for reminders and allow parents/carers to help each other.
Can we please remind everyone to take extra care when expressing views about school and our community. The written word can be easily taken out of context and comments can appear derogatory and give others the wrong impression.
If anyone has a concern, at any time, please let us know so we can resolve it quickly and appropriately. You can speak to staff at the door or contact our Office Team via text, phone, email or pop in! They will pass on your request or feedback so the appropriate member of staff can contact you as soon as possible.
Your opinion and feedback is very important to us and we strive to make Shanklea the best it can be. Children need to be confident that the adults around them are working together in a positive relationship and can find criticisms of school really upsetting. Negative comments, verbal or written, can therefore not only damage our reputation in the wider community but upset the children too.