Spectacular STEM: Can you help?

18th January 2019
As we progress well into the 21st century, STEM-related industries
continue to grow and transform our economy and way of life. There
are considerable opportunities for young people to find well paid and
rewarding careers if they remain open minded about pursuing study
in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
Engagement and enthusiasm need to be created early, within
primary school and linking learning to real life is a great way to do so.
Setting practical STEM activities where ‘mistakes’ are opportunities
to learn, builds resilience.
As much as we try, teachers can’t be expected to be experts in
everything. This term we intend to give Shanklea students the
chance to meet STEM industry professionals who should help to
enthuse and invigorate learning. We are reaching out to parents,
grandparents, local businesses and universities and asking for their
help in working with our students.
Research by the Institution of Engineering and Technology polled 13
to 23 year olds and found that just 26% of girls are looking to pursue
a career in STEM compared to 43% of boys. When teaming up with
parents, grandparents, local businesses and universities, where
possible we would welcome female role models to work with
Shanklea students or lead an assembly. The more we expose
children to women in STEM from a young age, the more we can help
to dispel negative stereotypes, and show that STEM careers are for
If you, or someone you know could help please contact our
school office team by phone, text or email. We are confident
volunteers will enjoy the experience as much as the children.
Thank you.