Sports Premium

Shanklea Primary school has used the government ‘Sports Premium’ Funding to create a bespoke, tailored cycling scheme which will provide children with comprehensive cycling support, from guiding and coaching, to providing cycling equipment and advice including fleet maintenance, local route awareness, nutrition and safety.  We have selected children who do not always participate in our sporting clubs and those who may not be able to afford such activities.  A strong emphasis will be placed upon emotional health benefits such as raised self-esteem and resilience.

The extra sports premium money will provide bike handling skills training, which will teach pupils how to cycle efficiently, thus improving their balance and coordination.  It will provide road safety awareness, enabling pupils to ride on roads safely and independently, showing greater awareness of personal safety, equipment, respect for other road users and provide an introduction to relevant aspects of the Highway Code. Bike maintenance will also be taught and the children will learn about the basic mechanics and physics of the bike, knowledge from which could be adapted to other applications in life, whilst also fostering a sense of personal responsibility and safety.

The Cycling Crew will take part in mini cycling tours into Northumberland in order to discover places of interest and facilitate learning by providing some context to the material delivered in class.  The programme will culminate in an international tour which will provide a unique experience to our students to ride from our school to Amsterdam City centre and back, via the ferry of course!  There will also be the opportunity to forge international links with other Dutch primary schools.

For the academic year 2017 – 2018 Shanklea will receive £18980 in total.  £9490 is used to fund the Sport Partnership, and the other £9490 will be spent by the school on the cycling programme.  The money is received in 2 payments; one payment in November (this was £11072 in total and has already been received and half paid to SSP) and a second in May (this will be £7908, £3954 of which will be paid to SSP and £3954 will be spent by school). Each of these payments is made in a separate financial year.

Below are the details of how the £9490 will be spent:

Cycle Trip to Amsterdam 10-13 July 2018  

All-Inclusive Package featuring:

  •        Minibus hire
  •        Liability insurance
  •        Food and nourishment
  •        Bottles of water

14 x students

4 x teachers

Total: £ 7830.00

1  Ride Leader - Half-day - Amsterdam Training Session.

Dates: 26th January 2018, 23rd February 2018 and 27th April 2018

Total: £300.00

2 Ride Leaders - Full-day - Amsterdam Training Session.

Dates: 25th May and 22nd June, including familiarisation visit to the DFDS ferry terminal.

Total:  £600.00

Bike Rental (Inclusive of safety helmets).

Total: £47.16


Subtotal £ 8777.16

VAT 20% £ 1755.43

Quotation Total £ 10532.59


The Cycling Crew clothing and safety gear will also be funded through a bag-packing project and community bids.  £250 from Modeshift Stars and the Sustainable Travel Team has already been successfully achieved and spent!

Watch this space – a lot more ideas to come……..