Tennis Coaching - Year 3

We played matches, skills, volleying up and down and we had champions.

IT was good that we all enjoyed doing it. We learnt how to do even better skills like hitting the ball in a straight line and keeping the ball up with the bath and with other parts of our body. The ball is only allowed to bounce once, so we were hitting the ball and letting it bounce only once.
- Josh & Luke
We all took part in tennis coaching during our PE lessons today. WE all did the warm up games and then matches were at the end. I thought it was good and we really enjoyed it having fun. After warming up we did volleys, we bounced the ball into our friends area. It was amazing because we all got to compete in matches together. We learnt how to bounce the ball and hit a part of our body and bounce it back to the racket again.
- Maddy & Savannah