The Great Big School Clean Up

22nd March 2019
Shanklea have joined the Great Big School Clean Up. This is a new initiative to encourage all children not to drop litter and to make sure that our schools and the local community are free from litter.
We would like you to join us in an event on Friday 29th March. Parents and children are encouraged to collect any rubbish you find on the way to school and bring it in to school in a carrier bag. Mrs Hagan will be working with the School Council to collect data about the type of litter found in our local community.
Children will need to be prepared for litter picking and wear a pair of old gloves or some disposable gloves to keep them safe from germs. Please supervise carefully to ensure they do not pick up anything dangerous.
More details can be found at
Please join the Great Big School Clean Up as we stand together to declare that litter degrades the beauty of our environment, threatens our wildlife and is simply not acceptable