Walk on Wednesdays



Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking and the people behind the Walk to School campaign, would like Shanklea pupils  to join thousands of schools and around one million pupils across the country, walking to school with WOW – the year-long walk to school challenge.


WOW rewards primary school pupils who walk to school at least once a week with a monthly collectible badge. When children complete a year, it’s proven to increase sustained walking rates by 23%. WOW has been going strong for many years, and last year over one million children in 4,000 schools were encouraged to walk more.


When children walk to school they do better in class because they arrive fit, refreshed and ready to learn. We want children to feel energised and empowered, where walking to school is the natural choice, part of every child’s daily routine.


Here are two great reasons to join us:

• Happier, healthier children

• Less pollution and congestion at the school gates


This theme for WOW 2016/17 is My Neighbourhood. The 11 badges have been designed by pupils in an annual competition.  Ten minutes of a teacher’s day is all it takes to make a big difference, logging journeys and awarding badges. It’s fun and interactive for kids, too. The journey is educational and full of opportunities to learn with curriculum linked educational resources to engage your pupils in each month’s topic.


All you need to get started is our monthly badges to reward the Shanklea pupils who walk to school and access to our Travel Tracker, or a wallchart for charting your schools’ journeys.


WOW also supports school travel plans and can directly support the delivery of the nationwide Modeshift STARS programme.


So let’s swap those school runs for school walks.