Walking Bus

20th April 2018
The Shanklea Walking Bus is a scheme where parents can drop off (and collect at the end of the school day) their child at a meeting point, a short distance away from school. The children are accompanied by staff as they walk to school along a set route. The children walk in pairs and staff wear high visibility clothing. With Shanklea Senior Leadership Team working a daily rota system, we have a “driver” at the front and a “conductor” at the back and the children are collected at “bus stops” at agreed times along the route. Walking Bus aims to help more children walk to school and to improve safety by reducing school gate congestion. Since it’s powered by good old-fashioned leg work it promotes healthy lifestyles and by encouraging walking it also increases awareness of the local environment, independence and social opportunities. The meeting point is at the Masonic Lodge, just along the cycle path.