Well done Year 6!

16th May 2014

Thank you to our Year 6 children who have worked so hard during their SAT tests.

VERY WELL DONE YEAR 6, we know that every child tried extremely hard and did their very best. We are very proud of you all!


A special thank you to parents and KS2 teachers - Miss Barclay, Mrs Baxter,  Mr and Mrs Carr, Mrs Crowther and Mrs O’Brien for their very positive approach. We are also grateful to the support staff who set up the Breakfast Club – Mrs Collinson, Miss Donnelly, Mrs Hume, Miss Kennington and Mrs Notley.  The children were reassured and well supported by Mrs Avery, Mrs Butler, Mrs Graham, Miss Kennington, Mrs Mc Clurry, Mrs Priest and Mrs Ridley before, during and after the national tests.  It was a real team effort. Thank you to everyone.