Y6 Leavers Goodbye and Good Luck to Year 6

21st July 2017
During their final Leavers’ assembly last Thursday, we watched some very teary parents as each pupil shared some lovely photos of their favourite moments during their seven years at Shanklea Primary School, with secret midnight sweet feasts during the Year 6 Edinburgh Trip, first day in Reception experiences in the playground and aquatic adventures during the Robinwood residential trip last year all featuring highly. Mrs Baxter and Mr McGregor shared their own anecdotes through poetry about each of the school's oldest pupils in turn before they presented the children with a special leavers’ autograph book and certificate.
Thank you to Mrs. Notley and Mrs Trood for organising and preparing the Leavers’ Tea Party in the afternoon and to all of the staff and parents who kindly donated their time and efforts for the event.
A special well done and thank you also goes (of course) to Mrs Baxter, Mr King and Mr McGregor for helping to bring out the best in our Year 6 children over the last twelve months and for playing an integral part in preparing them for the challenges of secondary school life. We are so proud of the children’s progress, attitudes and achievements. As we close the academic year we say a fond farewell and goodbye to Year 6 and wish them well in their new secondary schools. We will miss you all hugely and we hope that you will all come back to visit us again soon…