Year 1

Spring Term overview – Year 1

A brief overview of the curriculum areas


Year 1 children will be reading stories from other cultures and looking at stories with predictable and patterned language. Stories with familiar settings will also be shared. In non-fiction the children will be reading, following and writing their own set of instructions. We will be looking at information texts and learning how to use a glossary, contents page and index.

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Year 1 children will count groups of objects to 20 accuratly and begin to extend their knowledge of greater numbers up to 100. They will continue to count in sequences of 2s, 5s and 10s with some confidence. They will develop their understanding of how to use a numberline or a 100 square accurately for addition and subtraction calculations. They will look at word problems in real life situations and be given problems to solve. They will begin to look at partitioning 2 digit numbers into tens and units. The pupils will learn to recognise all UK coins and to calculate totals from a group of coins.  They will learn to ‘pay’ by making amounts.

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Topic work


In our History work the children will study the famous event of ‘The Great Fire of London’. They will look at photographs to collect information and gather facts. They will learn about famous people during this time including Charles II and Samuel Pepys.


In our topic about Katie Morag the children will study what it may be like living on a small island. They will use maps to locate places and create their own picture maps of an island using a key. They will look at physical and human features of the island and understand the meaning of these terms. They will look at daily life on an island using photographs to collect information. They will begin to make comparisons to living in Cramlington.


In Science the children will continue to learn about the Season, looking closely at Spring. They will look at Scientific features including weather, temperature and observable changes in the local area. They will extend their investigation skills through developing a better knowledge of animal groups; including similarities and differences. They also explore the basic parts of the human body, particularly those related to their senses.


Children will be learning about dance and movement and different ways that they can use their bodies to interpret different stimulus including music, percussion and the rhythm/pulse of music.

They will also be taking part in gymnastic lessons where the children will learn basic skills which include- balancing, rolling, travelling on and around apparatus and weight on hands. They will look at how they can use their bodies to create different shapes as well as different styles of movement using apparatus.

All children will do indoor and outdoor PE so it is essential that they have their full PE kit (P.E. T-shirt, black shorts, black tracksuit bottoms), including trainers, in school for the full week.


The children will be studying Judaism. Year 1 will be looking at the beliefs and practices of the religion and will look at the importance of the Torah.

Design & Technology

The children will complete a textiles project where they will design and make their own animal puppet using felt and other materials, linked to our Science topic.


The children will explore the use of collage, colour and shape inspired by a variety of artists work based on The Great Fire of London. Children will work independently to use a range of materials and explore different media. They will create a piece of work over a sequence of lessons to produce a dramatic fiery scene to depict the tragic event of The Great Fire of London.


The children will be introduced to computer programming and algorithums using an iPad app called Daisy Dinosaur. The children will understand the need to give clear instructions using algorithms in order to make things happen. The program then allows them to use programming commands to move or change the dinosaur. The children will also use School360 to develop research skills. The children will complete a booklet about animals by using a basic online database.



Reading books will be changed twice a week in Year 1. 

At Shanklea, we read primarily from the Oxford Reading Tree home reading scheme.  All children in KS1 read books from the Oxford Reading Tree programme but we recommend that children also read a variety and breadth of different text types at home in order to continue their learning.

From Spring Term, Year 1 will bring home ‘Nonsense Words’ in their Alien Word Book to help support them in preparation for their phonics screening check.

English and Maths Homework

Children will be receiving weekly English and Maths homework. This will consist of a written activity and an online activity. This will be alternated every week.

As part of this homework, children will be given the opportunity every fortnight to choose a book from their class’s reading area which they would like to read. There will be a selection of different homework related tasks that can be completed in their homework books for the book that they have chosen.


Children will receive weekly spellings based on their Read Write Inc phonics groups. Children are expected to practise these words in preparation for a spelling test during the week.

Year 1 children will also receive a Key words books with different specific words in that the children need to learn to read and become familiar with.